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Welcome to The East African Nature and Science Organization (abbreviated as EANSO). Our mission is to advance academics in Africa and the world as a whole. We do this by publishing both online and print open access journals from different genres of knowledge. Through sophisticated indexing, linkages with research organizations, universities, and other stakeholders, we ensure that scholars submitting to any of our hosted journals get the maximum dissemination for their work. We implement OAI-PHM, LOCKSS and CLOCKSS archiving for information perpetuity. We are also members of the Initiative for Open Citations (I4OC) for scholarly citations and CrossRef for article-level DOI assignment. You can read more about us, check out our Editorial and Advisory Board, see the peer-review process or proceed to make a submission. We also advise that you go through the frequently asked questions beforehand. If you have any questions and clarifications, feel free to contact us. Below follows the list of our hosted journals.

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  • East African Journal of Education Studies

    Print ISSN: 2707-3939 | Online ISSN: 2707-3947

    The East African Journal of Education Studies (abbreviated as EAJES) is a peer reviewed journal that focus on advancing education studies and practices across the globe by documenting and disseminating researches within the scope. The journal places keen interest in how education is carried out at institutional level. Articles ranging from early childhood development to postgraduate university education and curriculum development are publishable in this journal.

  • East African Journal of Arts and Social Sciences

    Print ISSN: 2707-4277 | Online ISSN: 2707-4285

    This is a peer-reviewed journal focusing on the Arts and Social Sciences disciplines. Some of the topics publishable under this journal include (but not limited to) Anthropology, Community Development, Criminology, Linguistics, Literature, Philosophy, Sociology, Security, History, Political Science and Public Administration. Topics under traditional practices, culture and religion are however not published under this journal. They are published in the East African Journal of Tradition, Culture & Religion (EAJTCR).

  • East African Journal of Swahili Studies

    Print ISSN: 2707-3467 | Online ISSN: 2707-3475

    The development of Swahili as a language is important in the development and preservation of indigenous culture, knowledge and religion in Swahili speaking regions in Africa. This peer-reviewed journal therefore exclusively published only Swahili articles. The articles publishable under this journal range from all genres of knowledge provided that they are written in Swahili language.  Authors submitting to this journal can however decide to translate their articles into English and publish the translations in any other of our hosted journals.

  • East African Journal of Business and Economics

    Print ISSN: 2707-4250 | Online ISSN: 2707-4269

    This journal publishes peer-reviewed articles in the Business and Economics scope. Some of the topics publishable under this journal include (but not limited to): Accounting, Financial Management, Economics, Human Resource Management, Organization Behavior, Information Management, International Business, Strategy and Innovation, Management Science, Product Promotion, Marketing and Retailing.

  • East African Journal of Traditions, Culture and Religion

    Print ISSN: 2707-5362 | Online ISSN: 2707-5370

    There is a very rich assortment of traditions, cultures and religions in East Africa, Africa and the world as a whole facing extinction. Urbanization and globalization are moving the world towards common beliefs, behaviors, taboos, ethics, practices, opinions and societal organization. This EANSO journal aims at preserving these diminishing traditions, cultures, religions and languages for present and future availability. Any topic that falls under traditions, culture or religion is publishable under this journal.

  • East African Journal of Interdisciplinary Studies

    Print ISSN: 2707-529X | Online ISSN: 2707-5303

    Most innovations and hallmark researches are based upon the principle of interdisciplinary approaches where a given problem is simultaneously addressed from different points of view. Through interdisciplinary approaches, each contributing discipline improves its sum of knowledge as a result of the interaction with other disciplines. Theoretical speaking, most studies are usually interdisciplinary in nature. This journal peer reviews and publishes articles whose content borrows input from several disciplines. It also publishes articles on global topics like ethics and sustainability that cuts across all disciplines of knowledge.

  • East African Journal of Health and Science

    Print ISSN: 2707-3912 | Online ISSN: 2707-3920

    This is the EANSO Journal with the widest range of disciplines under one cover. It aims at advancing scientific knowledge through documenting, preserving and disseminating articles and original researches from health and science. Some of the categories publishable under this journal include microbiology, biochemistry, physics, chemistry, biology, medicine, quantum science, astronomy, geography, pharmacy, veterinary sciences, mathematics, statistics, public health, research methodologies, project planning and dentistry.

  • East African Journal of Environment and Natural Resources

    Print ISSN: 2707-4234 | Online ISSN: 2707-4242

    The environment is a shared global home for all humanity. Protecting and conserving it therefore becomes a global responsibility. This peer reviewed journal aims at promoting the natural resource and environmental management efforts by documenting and disseminating articles in this genre of knowledge. Disciplines under this journal include environment, impact assessment, wildlife, sustainability, water management, water quality and sanitation.

  • East African Journal of Agriculture and Biotechnology

    Print ISSN: 2707-4293 | Online ISSN: 2707-4307

    Agriculture is one of the main economic activities in most countries around the world. It ensures that there is food security and sustainability for both the present and the future human generations. The East African Journal of Agriculture & Biotechnology (abbreviated as EAJAB) exists to document the modern agricultural advancements, challenges, prospects and work in progress around East Africa, Africa and the world in general. The topics publishable in this journal include (but not limited to) agronomy, animal husbandry, aquaculture, mariculture, farming types, farming systems, farm mechanization, biotechnology.

  • East African Journal of Forestry and Agroforestry

    Print ISSN: 2707-4315 | Online ISSN: 2707-4323

    The global forest resources are gradually reducing with respect to land use changes as a global trend. This has led to a paradigm shift towards incorporation of trees on farmland as opposed to the conventional preservation of these trees in forests. This journal aims at promoting forestry and agroforestry activities by documenting and disseminating knowledge scoped within these categories. Some of the topics publishable by this journal include land use practices, agroforestry systems, silviculture, nursery practices, mensuration, conservation and climate change.

  • East African Journal of Engineering

    Print ISSN: 2707-5389 | Online ISSN: 2707-5397

    The East African Journal of Engineering (abbreviated as EAJE) is a peer reviewed journal that publishes articles on all engineering disciplines that include architecture, electrical engineering, civil engineering, chemical engineering, mechanical engineering, agricultural engineering, thermodynamics, software engineering and more. The journal aims at promoting mechanical automation of processes and inventions and innovation in the engineering genre of knowledge.

  • International Journal of Advanced Research

    Print ISSN: 2707-7802 | Online ISSN: 2707-7810

    This is a peer-reviewed journal aimed at addressing research from a global perspective through cross-disciplinary integration and management under one journal. Like all other EANSO Journals, IJAR is highly indexed, has an Editorial and Advisory Board and uses DOI as the primary identifier for Articles. This journal strictly published research papers that are a result of thorough research processes with both findings and discussions.

  • East African Journal of Information Technology

    Print ISSN: 2707-5346 | Online ISSN: 2707-5354

    Information Technology is the trend for the modern world. Most systems are becoming digitalized and new inventions, innovations and improvements are being achieved on a daily basis.  With all these at hand, there also emerges the challenge of information security, privacy infringement, illiteracy and more that pose an imminent threat to the application of information technology. This EANSO Journal aims at advancing information technology through the dissemination publications in this field. Some of the topics publishable in this journal include programming, information security, penetration testing, algorithm, languages, systems development, malware, cryptography and web development.

  • East African Journal of Law and Ethics

    Print ISSN: 2707-532X | Online ISSN: 2707-5338

    The East African Journal of Law and Ethics (abbreviated as EAJLE) is a peer-reviewed academic journal hosted by the East African Nature & Science Organization (abbreviated as EANSO). This journal aims at promoting policy development, enforcement and the general law. It also focuses on ethics. The articles publishable under this journal include all law and ethics related research papers, academic reviews on law and ethics, policy assessments and any other academic papers focusing on laws and ethics.

  • African Journal of Climate Change and Resource Sustainability

    Print ISSN: 2790-962X | Online ISSN: 2790-9638

    With respect to the fact that the environment of today is not the exact environment of tomorrow, there is a need to develop a sustainable mechanism that either pauses the adverse effect of human activities on natural resources and the climate or create mitigating factors that reverse the negative climate evolution. For this to happen, researchers and stakeholders require adequate academic information that can be used for policies formulation and strategic planning. It is for this reason that the East African Nature and Science Organization hosts this open access academic journal on climate change and resource sustainability.

  • International Journal of Pure and Applied Chemistry

    Print ISSN: 2790-9565 | Online ISSN: 2790-9573

    This is a scholarly peer-reviewed journal hosted by the East African Nature and Science Organization. It aims at bridging the gap between researchers and information consumers in Chemistry. All the articles are open access for both researchers and contributors. We accept articles in the disciplines of Organic Chemistry, Analytical Chemistry, Physical Chemistry, Inorganic Chemistry and Biochemistry.

  • International Journal of Finance and Accounting

    Print ISSN: 2790-9581 | Online ISSN: 2790-959X

    Global financial systems, money mobility, technological innovations, the balance of exchange and resource accountability are part of the key determinants of global success. It is for this reason, in a quest to advance humanity, that the East African Nature and Science Organization hosts this journal of finance and accounting to document the available scholarly records from research in the field. This journal is peer-reviewed and open access to ensure proper reliability and reach of the reviewed and published articles.

  • African Journal of History and Geography

    Print ISSN: 2790-7589 | Online ISSN: 2790-7597

    This is a peer-reviewed open access journal that publishes academic articles across the discipline of History and Geography. The scope for this journal includes biogeography, political geography, population, geomorphology, urban development, physical geography, human geography, economic geography, cartography, cultural history, social history, intellectual history, diplomatic history, political history and economic history. The purpose of this journal is to document and preserve the diverse historical and geographical development in Africa through scholarly dissemination and practical engagement.

  • International Journal of Geopolitics and Governance

    Print ISSN: 2790-9549 | Online ISSN: 2790-9557

    The intricacy and complexity of global politics and governance require the constant keeping of track of global policies, strategies, events and figures. This allows for sound and informed decision-making processes and the general advancement of humanity towards the positive terminals of human governance. This is an open access international journal that is maintained by the East African Nature and Science Organization as one of the hosted journals focusing on academic peer-reviewed articles in politics and governance.

  • African Journal of Tourism and Hospitality Management

    Print ISSN: 2790-9603 | Online ISSN: 2790-9611

    With the current advancement in transportation, communication, business marketing and travel destinations, the world has truly become a global village. Information can now be broadcasted around the world in seconds and people are more and more inclined to travel the world and look for opportunities and pleasure in the various destinations around the world. It is for this reason that the East African Nature and Science Organization hosts this journal of tourism and hospitality management to give an academic perspective to the industry and the stakeholders. All articles are open access and peer-reviewed.