Aim and Scope

1.0 Overview

For scholars to know exactly what a journal or a publisher accepts for review and publication, the journal or publisher must avail the aims and scope for the said journal or publisher. Below are the aim and scope of all journals hosted by the East African Nature and Science Organization (EANSO) Journals. You can read about us, our editorial board members, our peer-review process, our manuscript submission process, applicable fees, the publication ethics, our policies, and the changes made to our journals over time to understand EANSO journals better.

2.0 Our Aim

All EANSO Journals are quarterly, peer-reviewed, international journals aimed at publishing highly academic research articles for scholars and their affiliate institutions. Our aim is to develop a pathway for knowledge sharing and utility that results in the advancement in the quality of life around the globe. With the propelling motto of our parent organization of “Advancing Humanity”, every step we take is cleverly calculated to tend toward the ultimate goal of improving the general quality of life. We ensure that all articles published by our journals are original, contribute to the existing pool of knowledge, are of high academic standards and are well indexed and distributed for maximum impact. We intend to make knowledge accessible, reliable, timeless and fun.

3.0 Our Scope

All our hosted journals publish only high-quality, academic and peer-reviewed articles. What this means is that we only disseminate articles that are a result of some qualitative or quantitative research process with verifiable findings and replicable methodologies. This tends towards the facilitation of knowledge authenticity and usefulness. With our assortment of journals, we publish scientific, technological, societal, religious, environmental, agricultural, judicial, traditional, cultural, lingual, business, educational and engineering articles. For specific scopes, you can visit the specific journals that are of interest to you. We publish our articles in English, Swahili and French. We also publish research theses for scholars who want their work to be widely disseminated and perpetually archived. All our journal issues are available in both digital and print format. The most important criteria for the accepted and eventually published articles is academic excellence and data accuracy. You can read more on the existing criterion under the author guidelines. You can also contact us for any questions, suggestions and clarifications. If your manuscript has already been finalized, you can submit it to us for the peer-review process.