Influence of Kenya Education Management Institute Training for Head Teachers on Financial Resource Management in Public Secondary Schools in Kisii South Sub-County, Kenya

  • Florence Chepkemoi Bii Mount Kenya University
  • George Ogochi, PhD Mount Kenya University
Keywords: Physical Resources, Effective Management, Management, Financial Resource Management, Human Resource Management
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Management of resources in secondary schools by principals greatly contributes towards successful institutional programmes and projects in their respective schools. Kenya Education Management Institute (KEMI) has taken an integral role in training head teachers on the management of resources. Despite KEMI training the principals on resources and management, schools remain underdeveloped as head teachers get interdicted due to mismanagement of resources. The study was, therefore, paramount in establishing the influence of KEMI training for principals on the management of resources available in secondary schools. The study adopted mixed methods, and therefore, the researcher applied qualitative and quantitative methods through concurrent triangulation design of both qualitative and quantitative data collections at the same time. The target population comprised 73 head teachers and 73 school management committee chairpersons. Using the Central limit theorem, a sample of 25 head teachers and 25 committee chairpersons was selected. Simple random and purposive sampling was used to select the samples from each category of the population; questionnaires were administered among principals, while interview schedules were conducted among school chairpersons. An observation checklist was also used to collect data from the school vicinity. Data analysis involved qualitative data being analysed in themes, while quantitative data was through descriptive statistics used in Statistical Packages for Social Sciences (SPSS 23) and presented using tables and charts. The study established that KEMI training for principals influenced their management of human resources in schools. Through KEMI training, principals acquired knowledge, skills, and attitudes to handle teachers, support staff, pupils and other persons involved in the running of schools. The study recommends that there is a need for principals to conduct staff appraisals, create a motivating and rewarding environment and establish conflict resolution mechanisms


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26 September, 2023
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