Effect of Teacher Participation on Decision-making Processes on Performance in Secondary Schools in Mombasa County, Kenya

  • Jerono Kiprop-Marakis, PhD University of Eldoret
Keywords: Decision-making, Teacher Participation, Performance
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Decision-making is one of the tools that the school management uses to run schools. Teachers play an important role in the performance of schools. This paper looked at the effects of teacher participation in decision-making processes on performance. The study was conducted in public secondary schools in Mombasa County, Kenya. The study used the mixed methods approach where qualitative and quantitative research methods were used. The study targeted 474 teachers in 24 public schools in the County. These 10 schools were selected through purposive sampling and 110 teachers were selected through the simple random sampling technique. Data were obtained through questionnaires. Descriptive statistics were used to analyse data using mean, frequencies, standard deviation and percentages and the findings were presented using tables. The study found that teachers were partially involved in the decision-making process in the school since they participated mostly in one area more than the others. The findings from the study draw the conclusion that teachers in Mombasa County do not participate fully in the decision-making process in their schools. The study recommends that teachers be more empowered and engaged in decision-making processes in all aspects of the school system.


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15 October, 2021
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