Principal’s Teacher Reward Strategies on Teacher Performance in Public Secondary Schools in Mumias East Sub-County, Kenya

  • Suleiman Eshikumo Sakwa Mount Kenya University
  • Mary Chui Mugwe, PhD Mount Kenya University
  • Susan Macharia, PhD Mount Kenya University
Keywords: Promotion Mentorship, Teacher Reward Strategies, Teacher Lesson Attendance and Recovery, Students Mean Scores, Teacher Performance Appraisal and Development (Tpad) Scores
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This study unearths how school principals’ teacher reward strategies influence teacher performance in public secondary schools in Mumias East, following variations in teacher performances. That was accruing to the fact that there was global deterioration in teacher performance, and so was the case with Mumias East Sub-County, Kenya. The study applied a mixed methodology study design that utilized numerical measures and in-depth explorations in data collection. The measures of central tendency, comprising averages, percentiles, and Measures of dispersion comprising standard deviation were used. Also, a correlational approach, specifically, linear regression analysis was used. The study established that various reward strategies used by the principals yielded varied teacher performances. For instance, the correlations yielded were adjusted R2= 0.840032, at F=1.68E-91, p=2.5E-195, and t=106.0108 against teacher lesson attendance and recovery, adjusted R2= 0.954852, at F=7.4E-154, p=4.61E-95 and t=35.68653 with students Mean scores, and adjusted R2= 0.749565, at F=2.09E-69, p=2.3E-173, and t=84.36494, with TPAD scores. Also, from the measures of central tendency, it was concluded that the principals' reward system was crucial in determining the teacher’s performance; hence, a proper blend of the various rewards was urgent to realize optimum teacher performance. Earlier studies featured in the introduction had also made critical advancements in the various rewards and how they would impact teacher performance. Therefore, the findings of this study help solidify the earlier findings and offer a comprehensive teacher reward system that can be utilized specifically by school principals.


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18 January, 2023
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