Assessing the Environmental Sustainability of UHPC in Modern Construction Practices

  • Tukashaba Shafan Dalian University of Technology
Keywords: Ultra-High-Performance Concrete, Environmental sustainability, Life Cycle Assessment, Mix design optimization, Supplementary Cementitious Materials
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A comprehensive examination was undertaken to investigate various aspects related to the development and application of Ultra-High-Performance Concrete (UHPC). The research explored eco-friendly approaches, such as incorporating supplementary cementitious materials and nanoparticles, optimizing binder systems, and assessing chemical activators. These modifications improved mechanical properties and reduced environmental impact, including embodied CO2 emissions. Additionally, the utilization of waste materials like CRT glass showed energy savings and reduced emissions. Studies focused on optimizing UHPC mix designs, emphasizing a balance between performance and environmental impact. Techniques like statistical mixture design methods and dynamic testing assessed UHPC's environmental and economic impacts, highlighting significant energy savings and reduced CO2 emissions with waste material recycling. Overall, the research contributes valuable insights into UHPC development and its ecological footprint in construction


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12 May, 2024
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