Instructional Material Provision and Performance of Upgraded National Schools in Western Kenya

  • Violet Wekesa University of Eldoret
  • Kisilu Kitainge, PhD University of Eldoret
Keywords: Instructional, Resource, Planning, Dynamics, Performance, Upgraded
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The performance of upgraded extra county schools to national status in Kenya continues to attract key stakeholders when the time the KCSE results are being announced. This is because despite their upgrading, the performance of these upgraded new schools continues to worry stakeholders. This paper investigates how the planning for instructional resources influences academic performance. A descriptive survey research design was used with the target population consisting of 8 principals and 295 teachers from 8 upgraded extra county schools to national status in Western Kenya. A sample of 170 teachers was selected through simple random technique to be involved in the study. The instruments used to collect data consisted of questionnaire and interview schedule. Data analysis has been performed using quantitative and qualitative forms. Quantitative analysis of data has been facilitated by use of descriptive and inferential statistics with the help of Statistical Product and Service Solutions (SPSS Version 25.0). The study found that aside many instructional materials required in schools, only text-books for students were supplied in adequate quantity. However, learning resources for teachers (including reference books) were not adequately provided to these schools. In line with the government agenda of promoting ICT knowledge, the study discovered that ICT resources like computers were not adequately provided after the Extra County Schools in the region were upgraded to national status in Western Kenya. Correlation statistics showed that there existed no significant relationship (p>0.05) between instructional material planning dynamics and performance of Extra County Schools after they were upgraded in Western Kenya. The paper recommends that there is need for schools to consider adoption of new instructional media in teaching and learning.


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1 March, 2022
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