Financial Resource Planning Dynamics and Performance of Upgraded Extra-County Schools to National Status in Western Kenya Counties

  • Violet Wekesa University of Eldoret
  • Lydia Kipkoech, PhD University of Eldoret
  • Peter Okemwa, PhD University of Eldoret
Keywords: Financial, Resource, Dynamics Planning, Dynamics, Performance, Upgraded, National Schools
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The assessment of secondary school success is according to the number of students they are producing to join universities and other higher learning institutions. To increase access to all pupils from primary schools to access secondary schools, the government of Kenya upgraded previously extra county schools to national status to ensure regional distribution of schools across the nation. With the upgrade, the government was required to inject funds to enable facilities expansion. Despite the upgrade, the money allocated and disbursed to schools has always been inadequate to meet the needs of students. Therefore, this demands that school management makes plans for financial mobilisation to ensure that school operations are done without interruptions. The paper looks at the financial resource planning strategies that upgraded national schools in western Kenya have in place for the purpose of improving their performance. Data was collected from eight of the upgraded schools making up the study population where principals and teachers were the respondents. A sample of 156 respondents was selected to answer research questions through interviews and questionnaires. Analysis of data was performed using quantitative and qualitative methods. SPSS facilitated quantitative data analysis. The study found out that schools experienced financial shortfall arising from inadequate capitation grants from the government and delay in payment of schools by students. To cushion themselves, schools had made several financial plans like applying for grants for infrastructure development. Further, despite schools having large tracts of land, some school management did not put into use either through growing grass for dairy farming or planting crops for subsidising school food supplies. Computed correlation statistics showed a weak correlation that existed (r=0.191 and p=0.016) between financial planning dynamics and academic performance of upgraded national schools in the western region of Kenya. The paper concludes that financial resource planning strategies had minimal effects on the academic performance of upgraded national secondary schools in Kenya Certificate of Secondary examinations. The paper recommends that there is a need for school administration to work with stakeholders to identify profitable projects that can be implemented in their school to earn income.


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23 February, 2021
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