Determinants of Suicidal Behaviours in Nigerian Universities

  • Vincent Sunday Ebohon, PhD University of Benin
  • Osamiro Emmanuel Osagiobare, PhD University of Benin
Keywords: Suicide, Suicidal Behaviours, University Students, Student’s year of study, Student’s Gender
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The study investigated the factors that could influence suicidal behaviours among university students in Edo State. The descriptive survey research design was adopted for the study. The population of the study comprised all full-time undergraduates (79, 813) in public and privately owned universities in Edo State. Using a multistage sampling procedure, a sample of 720 students was drawn for the study. The results of the study revealed, among others that a student’s year (100 level, 200 level, 300 level and 400 level) of study and gender (Male and female) have no influence on the prevalence rate of suicide among university students. Based on the findings of this study, it was recommended among others, that there should be effective social networking support within communities, institutions, and individual resilience to help protect vulnerable persons from suicide by building and improving social relationships and skills to cope with difficulties


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22 October, 2023
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