Quality of Headteachers’ Supervision Practices and Teachers’ Performance in Primary Schools in Bugamba Sub-County, Rwampara District

  • Passy Kirabo Bishop Stuart University
  • Balimuttajjo Sudi Bishop Stuart University
  • Tutegyereize Jean Bishop Stuart University
Keywords: Quality, Headteachers, Supervision Practices, Teachers’ Performance, Primary Schools
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The study assessed the effect of headteachers’ supervision practice on teachers’ performance in Primary schools in Bugamba Sub–County, Rwampara District. A cross-sectional survey research design was used. The study used a population size of 220 teachers and five headteachers. The researcher used the Statistical Package for Social Sciences (SPSS) to help in analysing the data. Univariate data was presented in table form by use of descriptive statistical tools (frequency and percentage). The study findings showed that the quality of headteachers’ supervision practices was good (overall mean score = 3.82). The study findings indicated that the level of teachers’ performance in primary schools was good (overall mean score = 4.02). The study findings showed that there is a positive statistically significant relationship between the quality of headteachers’ supervision practices and the level of teachers’ performance in primary schools in Bugamba Sub-County Rwampara District at (p = 0.008 < 0.01). It was recommended that the Ministry of Education and sports should emphasise the regular monitoring of professional documents by the headteachers including schemes of work, lesson plans, lesson notes, and class registers


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7 February, 2023
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