Teachers’ Concerns about Teaching – Learning Process

  • Ramakrishna Avvaru, PhD Osmania University
  • Rojina Prusty Osmania University
  • Rama Devi Narayana, PhD Chaitanya Bharathi Institute of Technology
Keywords: Beginning Teachers, Classroom Management, Experienced Teachers, Students’ Needs, Teachers’ Concerns
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Teachers are mainly concerned about education in general and specifically in teaching-learning process. There have been many studies on student teachers' concerns, but a very few on teachers' concerns about the teaching-learning process. According to their categorization of the teachers' concerns into three categories: self, task, and impact. Inservice teachers expressed more impact concerns than self- or task-related issues. While the current study aims to uncover the different concerns that teachers have, as well as how gender, teaching experience, and place of employment affect those concerns, it also seeks to understand how those concerns relate to one another. The sample for the study consisted of 37 teachers who attended the induction programme for Hindi PGTs working in Navodaya Vidyalayas from all over India. The 20-item checklist utilized in the survey approach is used to compile the teachers’ concerns. The correlation test and the chi-Square test are statistical tests used for data analysis. Learning, achievement, curriculum, classroom management, and students' needs, motivation, and behaviour are the identified components of teachers' concerns. The study's findings showed that female teachers indicated more concern than their male counterparts, and that teachers' concerns were unaffected by their teaching background or their State of employment. Results indicated a significant positive association between classroom management and students' needs, motivation, and behaviour. This has the connotation that, regardless of the curriculum, a student's progress is determined by classroom management, which considers their needs, engagement, and efforts to play a part in the growth of the country. The study concludes that teachers are responsive to the attainment of the educational objectives they have established for themselves as teachers.


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25 January, 2023
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