Influence of Motivation on Teachers’ Job Performance in Meru District Council, Arusha Region

  • Godlove Barikiel Matemba Tengeru Institute of Community Development
Keywords: Teachers, Students, Motivation, Job performance, Teacher’s job performance
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The study explored the influence of motivation on public secondary school teachers’ job performance. The study was prompted by the fact that similar studies concentrated on motivation to teachers in different geographical location and/or different countries with education structure and education policy different from the one applicable in Tanzania thus, the existing geographical gap needs to be filled. While Arumeru District consists of two District Councils, namely Arusha District Council and Meru District Council, the study was conducted in Meru District Council, owning a number of secondary schools compared to the other District Councils. This eases accessibility and time-saving in visiting respondents while the researcher continues with other official matters. A case study design was used, and a qualitative approach was employed whereby data were analysed using thematic analysis. Interview, Focus Group Discussion (FGD), and observation methods of data collection were used for the purpose of this study. A total of 111 respondents were involved: 100 teachers, 10 heads of schools, and 1 District Education Officer from Meru District Council. The study concluded the influences of motivation on teachers’ job performance are the use of extra time for students, preventing conflict among employees, creating a mindset settled and employing a variety of methods to facilitate teaching and learning processes. The study recommended that good cooperation between staff and employers should be established and maintained strongly in order to allow public secondary schools to air their views to their employers and the employer to discover problems and challenges facing secondary school teachers. In addition, public secondary school teachers should be given allowances as a way of motivating them to improve their teaching performance


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15 January, 2024
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