Impact of Covid-19 on Higher Education: Challenges and Responses as Perceived by Students: The Puntland-Somalia Context

  • Mohamed Ahmed Mohamed Puntland State University
Keywords: Covid-19, Online, Challenges, Higher Education, Response
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The main objective of the study is to investigate the impact of Covid-19 on higher education: challenges and responses in Puntland-Somalia. This study was conducted through analytical survey design by using both quantitative and qualitative research methods with two parts: A which consists of a questionnaire for collecting data from selected student respondents. The study utilised a convenience sampling method to select respondents. The study utilised frequencies and percentages; tables were used in the presentation of data. In addition to that, data collection was analysed using themes and explanations while comparing the findings with the literature review part of the study. Findings reveal that universities worldwide are moving more and more towards online learning. Findings also reveal that apart from resources, staff readiness, student accessibility, and motivation play an important function in ICT-integrated learning. The inquiry has exposed the consequences of a new change in the scope of the teaching and learning environments of different universities in Puntland-Somalia. This is related to the perception of students to adapt to online education systems introduced by these Universities, as they both have access to the internet and technical resources. This sort of mindset and the current situation has greatly accelerated the digitalisation of the means of education. Likewise, related institutions as such are also showing their readiness to adapt to this teaching-learning methodology and contribute to the human resource development objectives of a country. This study suggests a number of recommendations; first, it is to organise training courses in online education methods for lecturers; the university’s management should provide constant monitoring of the satisfaction of students and lecturers of the online education organisation for the accumulation of statistical data in the dynamics


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7 March, 2023
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Mohamed, M. (2023). Impact of Covid-19 on Higher Education: Challenges and Responses as Perceived by Students: The Puntland-Somalia Context. East African Journal of Education Studies, 6(1), 210-223.