Environmental Conservation: The Necessary Burden for Developing Nations

  • Augustus Billy Mutebesi University of Kabianga
  • Issa Nduku Etemesi University of Kabianga
Keywords: Environment, Conservation, Developing Nations, Necessity, Sustainable Development
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Earth as enormous as it is can be termed in some respects as too vast for intended collaborative engagements. Chronic rivalries, wars, competitions for supremacies, bureaucracies, diplomacies, flags, beliefs and even languages discrete all the 196 nations on earth from the other. These result in individualism, tribalism, racism, nepotism, dictatorships and other global vices. There are a number of times however when global unity must be fostered and one of these times includes the times when there is a need for environmental conservation for global sustainability. The environment and it degradation consequences pay no respect to global political boundaries. When glaciers melt in Europe, for example, causing raised sea levels, the land loss effects can be felt by the south most countries of South America. When developed countries replace all their natural environments with amenities, urban centers, and industries, the pollution effects and consequences are felt by the least developed of the countries. When some continents have hunted down and certain extinct animals, pressure must be borne by other continents to preserve the surviving endangered species. With respect to the environment, the earth is borderless, and there is global participation in ensuring its sustainability. However, whereas most of the environmental deteriorations and pollutions are globally pooled, the conservation burden is most often than not borne by the developing nations. This paper seeks to address this reality and how the developing countries now have the necessary burden of ensuring environmental conservation for global sustainability.


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15 May, 2019
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