Opportunities and Need for Environmental Conservation of Non-Fragile Ecosystems in Developing Countries.

  • Augustus Billy Mutebesi University of Kabianga
Keywords: Opportunities, Environment, Conservation, Non-Fragile, Ecosystems, Developing Countries
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Conventionally, conservational and preservation sciences are deployed into environmental management techniques when the degradation and destruction of primal land benefits have attained alarming rates. Environmental change assessments exhibit a justifiable bias towards the mitigation of degradation on already degraded or alarmingly degrading environments and ecosystems. These alarmingly degrading environments and ecosystems are termed by this paper as fragile environments and ecosystems. Whereas there is primal and absolute need to convalesce the land conditions in these fragile environments for sustainability, a superior paradigm shift should be enforced that emphasizes on the conservation and protection of non-fragile environments with the same zest and vigor that is exhibited when engaging with fragile environments. Most developing countries are victims of late assessment and discerningly evaluating of degradation for timely mitigation. The word ‘developing’ in itself implies that there are rapid land exploitation activities underway in an attempt to acquire a ‘developed’ status. Excessive exploitation of initially non-fragile resources and environments has had the unintended consequences of converting these non-fragile environments into fragile environments. Excessive forest trees harvesting has turned once-thriving rainforests into stands of trees. Uncontrolled mining activities have destroyed rivers, water quality and land habitability. This paper alluding to the fact that fragile environments develop from overexploited or poorly managed non-fragile environment thus seeks to discuss and enumerate the need and opportunities available when environmental and ecosystem conservation is undertaken during the non-fragile state of the environment or ecosystem respectively.



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9 April, 2019
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