Gas Chromatography-Mass Spectrometry Analysis of Hydrodistilled Essentials Oils from Solanecio manii

  • Mwaura J. Njuguna Mount Kenya University
Keywords: Solanecio Manii, Crassocephalum Manii, 3-Carene, Gas Chromatography- Mass Spectrometry, Hydrodistillation, Essential Oils
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The leaves of Solanecio manii were collected from sampled plants in Kandara Sub-County Muranga County in Kenya. The aim of collection of the leaves was to carry out the extraction and analysis of essential oils from S. manii. The leaves were transported to the pharmacognosy laboratory at the Mount Kenya University. The leaves were washed with running tap water and rinsed with distilled water to remove physical and chemical contaminants. They were air dried on the laboratory benches for seven days to lose 90% of moisture content. The essential oils (Eos) were extracted from 200.000 g of dry leaves by hydrodistillation using the Clavenger apparatus for 8 hours. The rate of essential oil production from the leaves was computed and found to be 0.01%. GC-MS instrument was utilized to analyse the qualitative and quantitative composition of essential oils. The compounds that were found present in the total ion chromatogram were, 3-Carene (40%), Limonene (35.48%), 1-undecanol (8.0%), β-pinene (6.4%), Menthol (1.6%), β-Cymene (1.1%) Longifolene (0.78%) and α-terpenolene (0.5%).


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15 September, 2022
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