Attenuated Total Reflectance –Fourier Transform Infrared (ATR-FTIR) Analysis of Ocimum kenyense Essential Oils

  • Mwaura J. Njuguna Mount Kenya University
  • Mary Muriuki, PhD Mount Kenya University
  • Samuel Karenga, PhD Mount Kenya University
Keywords: Ocimum Kenyense, ATR-FTIR, 1, 8-Cionele, Eucalyptus Oil, Analytical Chemistry
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ATR-FTIR analysis is a robust method that is used to analyse solids and liquid samples with minimal sample preparation. The samples are usually placed on the ATR crystals and pressure applied to obtain a clear spectrum. Essential oils from O. kenyense were extracted through hydro distillation using the Clavenger apparatus for 8 hours. The essential oils were dried by passing through anhydrous sodium sulphate after which they were placed in brown viols and refrigerated at 4℃. The sample of oils was latter analysed at the government chemist in Nairobi County in Kenya. Compounds that recorded a high hit quality of 600 and above had the highest probability of being present in the oil. Eucalyptus oil had a hit quality of 673 and 1, 8-cionele had a hit quality of 655 respectively. Therefore, the two were presumed to be present in O. kenyense essential oils


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22 June, 2022
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Njuguna, M., Muriuki, M., & Karenga, S. (2022). Attenuated Total Reflectance –Fourier Transform Infrared (ATR-FTIR) Analysis of Ocimum kenyense Essential Oils. International Journal of Pure and Applied Chemistry, 1(1), 1-10.