Christological Reflections: A Biblical Perspective

  • Peter Lee Ochieng Oduor, PhD Africa International University
Keywords: Christology, Messiah, Messianic Expectation, Son of Man, Son of God
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Scholarship on Christology plays a critical role in the formulation of theology because of the central role of the question of Christ in the task of doing Theology. Christology intertwines with other doctrines in theology and is also a strong link to all the theological branches. In this regard the question of the accurate source of our Christological formulation comes to book with our study examining the bible as an authentic primary source for Christological reflections. The study captured the wealth of resources on Christology hidden in the biblical narrative awaiting studious scholarship to unearth the fortunes therein. An appreciation of the essence of the scripture in Christological conversation will propel the discipline towards authentic and accurate Christological reflections


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2 March, 2022
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