Effects of Employee Job Commitment on Organizational Performance in Kenya: A Case of Huduma Centre – Baringo

  • Lydia Jemesunde Kenyatta University
  • Weldon Ng’eno, PhD Kenyatta University
Keywords: Employee Commitment, Organizational Performance, Huduma Centres
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Employee job commitment continues to influence the work performance of employees in many organisations around the globe. While there has been broad research to understand the effect of employee job commitment, there is limited evidence to show the effect of key employee job commitment on the performance of Huduma Centres. The study focuses on examining the effect of employee job commitment on organisational performance, in the case of the Huduma Centre. Social exchange theory is the theory upon which the study is anchored. This study used the descriptive research design to examine the effect of employee attitudes on the organisational performance of Huduma Centre, Baringo. This study conducted a census of 60 employees who were administered with questionnaires comprising mainly of closed-ended questions. The study used questionnaires to collect data from non-supervisory and supervisory staff respondents. The collected data was then coded and analysed with the help of analytical software. Descriptive measures were used to analyse quantitative data, specifically the mean and the standard deviation, while for inferential statistical techniques, Pearson correlation was used. Frequency tables were used to present the data. The study ensured informed consent, confidentiality, and anonymity were observed when collecting and processing the data. The demographic data results indicated that the majority of the respondents were female, married, had a diploma, and had served an average of three and half years at the Huduma Centre. The study findings indicated that there is a strong positive relationship between job commitment and organisational performance (r = 0.556**, p < 0.05). The findings of the study have an implication for Kenyan public sector policymakers on the need to enhance job commitment so as to increase service delivery of Huduma Centres.


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20 July, 2022
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