Descriptive Study on Driving Time and Crime Events of Bajaj Moto three-wheeled in Mogadishu City- Somalia in January-April 2022

  • Hassan Bedel Khalif Hodan District
  • Abdulsatar Mukhtar Abubakar Gapbridge Institute for Research and Consultancy
  • Ali Abdi Mohamed Gapbridge Institute for Research and Consultancy
  • Omar Abdulle Omar Gapbridge Institute for Research and Consultancy
Keywords: Crime, Rape, Robbery, Kidnap, Time
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The study was a descriptive study on driving time and crime events of Bajaj-motor tri-cycles in Mogadishu city- Somalia in January 2022. It was investigating the prevalence and challenges of passengers on Moto Bajaj at a different point in time of the day. As shown by the evidence of prior studies that Kidnapping, rape, murder and Robbery were very common based on the time of the day. The study aimed to investigate the status of Kidnapping, rape, murder, and Robbery in Banadir region. The study collected through KOBO, an electronic means of data collection from a sample size of 350, randomly selected using systematic sampling and descriptive cross sectional study design. Data was analysed using SPSS, frequency table, charts analysis was employed. Based on the study findings that the study contributed, the following times in the day midnight, evening and late afternoon as an imbedded risk for all types of Moto Baja passengers including the innocent civilian property, dignity of young girls and life, as these are the essential human rights. The study found that a rape and abduction were more common during midnight travellers with Moto Bajaj while robbery was very common during afternoon and evening times. These are the study contribution by informing the public to have further precautions and safety when travelling midnight, evening and later afternoon times in the day and should provoke to your thoughts and do some mitigation measures. The study discovered that the contributing factors include unemployment, drug abuse, and travelling dark places in the city to the crime events in the capital city Mogadishu. The study recommends Minimal safe time for travelling with Baja moto is at the day light in the late morning and noon and early afternoon. Minimize or avoid travelling with Moto Bajaj at evening and late afternoon times. As this has revealed certain risk of exposure for robbery The study recommends to the Authority to increase and create job opportunities as employment is one of the contributing factors for the crime events. All types of passengers should be alerted when it is the only option to travel with Moto Bajaj whose driver is a drug user, or traveling in dark places in the Mogadishu, as this will put the additional risk of being exposed to crime events.


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20 May, 2022
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