The Evolution of Contemporary Indigenous Textile Practice in South West Nigeria

  • Nneka Zelda Olatunji University of Benin
  • Bolajoko Esther Adiji Federal University of Technology Akure
Keywords: Contemporary, Indigenous textile, Evolution
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This paper examines changes that has occurred in the Nigerian textile from its cradle and the influence it had on both contemporary and Indigenous textile practice. Indigenous textile practice in South West of Nigeria has evolved over the past years. This study is an attempt to evaluate contemporary indigenous textile in Nigeria, to understand the difference between the two terms contemporary and indigenous. There is the need to exploit the potential of indigenous textile practice. Therefore, to understand the contemporary evolution that has affected it is important. The aim of this paper therefore, is to investigate contemporary indigenous textile practice evolution in South West of the county. The research used historical method in analysing the evolution of contemporary indigenous textile practice in south west Nigeria. Findings and conclusions were made that the South West has a very rich heritage of contemporary indigenous textile practice which is culturally unique, and this study will act as a stimulus to textile designers, textile cottage industry, students, art historian, and art scholar


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17 March, 2023
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