World Bank Concept of Good Governance, Contemporary Nigerian Democracy, and the Place of the Media

  • Olasunkanmi Arowolo University of Kent
  • Khadijah Yusuf Lagos State University
  • Jamiu Yahya Lagos State University
  • Oladimeji Lambo Punch Newspapers
  • Damilola Oduolowu University of Missouri
Keywords: Good Governance, Media, Democracy, Nigeria
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This paper offers a conceptual debate on good governance from the perspective of the World Bank and other relevant scholars in this area. To effectively achieve good governance, everyone has a pertinent role to play - from individuals to the people, the government, and the media. Also, several factors contribute to good governance, these include accountability, equity, and justice, protection of life and properties, upholding the rule of law, amongst others. The mass media is regarded to be the greatest backbone of democracy and the most effective tool for investigating, informing, and educating the public on issues that are important to the everyday lives of the citizenry, to enhance participation, and ultimately for Nigeria to achieve adequate good governance. Thus, this paper recommends that to effectively achieve good governance, there is a need for absolute resolve and the willingness to change our mindset, way of life as well as partisan-media dynamics


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20 February, 2023
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