The Metaphysics of Time and Temporal Experience in Africa: A Cultural and Philosophical Perspective

  • Denis Muhamba St. Augustine University of Tanzania
  • Innocent Sanga, PhD St Augustine University of Tanzania
  • George Ndemo, PhD Jordan University College
Keywords: Metaphysics, Time, Philosophy, Africa, Perspectives
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This paper explores the metaphysics of time and its relevance to Africa from a cultural and philosophical perspective. The paper argues that the Western concept of time, which is based on linear and objective concepts, is not the only way to explain time and temporal experience to all cultures and civilizations. By examining traditional African perspectives on time, the paper demonstrates the importance of considering cultural and philosophical differences in the study of time and temporal experience. The paper concludes that the Western concept of time must be supplemented with an understanding of the diverse and complex ways in which time is experienced and understood in Africa


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25 April, 2023
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