The Use of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) and the Challenges Faced by Ugandan Smallholder Farmers. Review Article

  • Willbroad Byamukama Bishop Stuart University
  • Rebecca Kalibwani Bishop Stuart University
  • Businge Phelix Mbabazi Kabale University
Keywords: Power, ICT, Usage, Farmers, Uganda
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The influence of ICT use on smallholder farmers in rural farming is examined in this article, as well as the obstacles that ICT use presents. The paper reviews that ICT plays a very important role in the dissemination of improved service technologies to farmers. The review stresses that ICTs are often used as an associate degree economical tool to induce non-progressive farmers to connect to extension information and to inform them adopt technology quicker. On the impacts of ICT on farmers, it is absolute that it considerably exaggerates agricultural development by serving to farmers to access relevant information through ICT and creates awareness of the market system among farmers and advert of the products and services. Likewise, the review known as some constraints by farmers within the course of the utilization the use of ICT embeds inadequate ICT facilities and personnel in rural areas, unstable Power provide in rural communities and farmers’ perception of the ICT skills. The solutions to the constraints by farmers within the usage of ICT is the event of the ICT within the reach and data of farmers, supporting farmers in capability building before the utilization of the ICT devices, and steadily provide power in rural communities.


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26 April, 2022
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