Effect of Expectations, Privacy and Emotions on Health Product Purchase Intention of Online Shoppers in Taiwan

  • Ch'eng Lin Bangor University
  • Cho-liang Mao-yün Bangor University
  • Lin Jenny Bangor University
Keywords: Expectations, Privacy, Emotions, Health Products, Purchase Intention, Online Shoppers
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Following the ever booming global economy characterized by flourishing biotechnologies, information technologies and healthcare applications as well as increased disposable income, the lifestyles of consumers have greatly changed over the years. The advances in the global electronic advances have significantly impacted the purchase intention of as many consumers predominantly search features, functionality, reviews, and prices of products online. Today, consumers do not require to visit physical stores to compare prices or buy products and seek services. One of the significantly impacted industries is the healthcare sector with many consumers increasingly seeking health care services and products online shopping platforms. An increase in the disposable income and public awareness of health products had increased the consumption and demand for health-related services creating a viable market for e-commerce. One of the main factors that affect the decision making of consumers in the relationship between rationality and emotion as well as reason and effect. The increasing demand for health products and services, access to quality health content influences the purchase intention of consumers. The purchase intention of e-commerce is subject to the privacy, expectation and emotion consideration of consumers. However, there is limited empirical literature denoting the correlation between privacy, emotions and expectations of consumers on the purchase intention of health product and services among online shoppers. Therefore, the primary objective of this research was to evaluate the effects of the expectations, privacy and emotions on health product purchase intention of online shoppers in Taiwan.


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27 February, 2019
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