Marriage Culture Among the Abagusii in the Pre-Colonial Period

  • Nahashon Orera Kenyatta University
  • Pius Kakai Kenyatta University
  • Edwin Gimode Kenyatta University
Keywords: Marriage Culture, Patriarchy, Bridewealth
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This paper discusses marriage institution among the Abagusii in the pre-colonial period under the following themes: History of migration and settlement of Abagusii, the institution of marriage among the Abagusii in the pre-colonial period, Traditional socio-religious aspects of Gusii marriage, marriage customs among married Gusii men and women in the pre-colonial period, nature of Abagusii households up to 1895, the role of initiation in marriage customs, bridewealth and its place in marriage, the role of patriarchy in marriage, polygamy in marriage. This sequence will help us trace the changes in marriage customs and their implications in the marriage of the Abagusii in the colonial period. This section was guided by social constructivism theory


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20 October, 2023
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