Legal Implications of the Law of Child Act on the Intestate Rules of Customary Law in Tanzania

  • Fatuma Adam Mgomba Institute of Judicial Administration-Lushoto
Keywords: Child, Intestate Rules, Inheritance, Illegitimate Child, Customary Law, Child Act and Constitution
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This paper explores legal implications of Child Act, 2009 concurrently with the intestate rules of customary law in Tanzania (to be on referred as intestate rules). From the discussion it is evident that little study has been done on this area of law since the colonial masters left 60 years ago. The main issue that this paper identifies is the inequality in provisions of the intestate succession laws, which is contrary to the provisions of equality, brought about by the Law of Child Act dispensation. The article also seeks to unearth contradictory application of the intestate rules of customary law in Tanzania. Reference is made to the leading judicial decisions which directly affects and alters the intestate rules. This is followed by a brief discussion of unequal intestate rules and judicial decisions. The inroads to be made in order to improve children right to parental property in this field of intestate rules are suggested including reform in this area of law. This study is limited to the applicability of codified intestate rules from patrilineal societies as provided under the Local Customary Law Declaration Order (NO. 4), GN 346/1963(to be referred as GN 436/63 to be referred as GN 436)


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29 October, 2023
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