Analysing the Obstacles in Agile Software Development Approach: A Review

  • Amos O. Jarikre Shiv-India Institute of Management and Technology
  • Yogesh Kumar Sharma Om Sterling Global University
  • Amoako Kani John Heritage Christian College
  • Stercy Kwasi Bailey Shiv-India Institute of Management and Technology
Keywords: Software, Agility, Software Industry, Software Development, Agile SDA
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The development of reusable and extensible software for business purposes has been the hallmark of the day. More developers are taking advantage of numerous approaches towards reaching their goals. One such approach is the agile approach in the development of extensible applications which has become so popular since its introduction over a decade ago. Using an agile approach that has a defined value in developing applications portray numerous benefits which have been identified by various scholars pointing out their outcomes as motivating factors of its adoption. With all such outline benefits, there exist some potential obstacles to agile developmental approach which has not been fully addressed. Hence, this article is aimed at analysing the obstacles which software developers face during agile development through a database search and also to guide them on ways to overcome such obstacles.


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4 January, 2022
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