Real-Time Monitoring of Network Devices: Its Effectiveness in Enhancing Network Security

  • Wycliffe Lamech Ogogo Kisii University
Keywords: Real-Time Monitoring, Network Devices, Network Intrusion, Network Security
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The business world has been significantly affected by network intrusion leading to infringement of privacy and unprecedented economic losses. Therefore, real-time monitoring of network devices is important due to the enhanced and complex network systems in organizations and associated cyber threats. Real-time monitoring provides adequate alerts and updates regarding specific networks and their performance as soon as they occur. Constant monitoring of devices also makes it possible for organizations to detect any possible challenges that the networks may be encountering. This paper examines the effectiveness of real-time monitoring of network devices in a bid to enhance network security. The study was an empirical review of recently published research papers, journals, internet sites, and books with relevant content. The findings of this study revealed that Real-time device monitoring has many potential advantages to organizations by securing their systems thereby enhancing their overall performance.


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4 March, 2021
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