The Branding Strategies on Consumer Choice: Empirical Review of Bottled Water

  • Mercy Kaari Bii University of Kabianga
  • Samwel Kiptoo Bett Bomet University
Keywords: Branding Strategy, Consumer Choice, Empirical Review Study, Kenya
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Branding is a marketing strategy that aims at winning customers’ loyalty in a highly competitive market. In the modern era, the customer is the key in any production making organizations to concentrate on branding as a strategy of winning customer. Based on high competition, customers are facing a new challenge in accessing authentic products in the market that affect their choice. The market is flooded by fake, imitation and poor quality products threatening customer choices. The emerging health crisis and increase of water born disease shows the need to investigate on bottled water based on branding and customer choice concepts. The study investigates the effect of branding on consumer choice of bottled water. The empirical review indicates that branding as a strategy is crucial in creating a competitive advantage of the product. The research concluded that branding strategies play a major role in the quality of communication, creating differences, and image improvement of the product hence assisting bottle water customers in making a choice. It recommends that organization should apply branding strategies like brand positioning, brand equity, brand personality, brand differentiation, brand experience, and brand communication in not only assisting the customer to make choices but also for a competitive edge.



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10 June, 2019
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