‘Old Townism’: A Generational Discord

  • Derrick A. Chondo Jomo Kenyatta University
  • Mugwima B. Njuguna, PhD Jomo Kenyatta University
  • Gerryshom Munala, PhD Jomo Kenyatta University
Keywords: Social Re-Engineering, Heritage, Transport, Conservation
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The heritage space of Old Town Mombasa is undergoing social evolution in terms of the demographic composition and the changing desires of the varying generations. The study sought to measure the perceived correlation between motorised transport, the veritable exemplification of misconstrued development, and conservation efforts within the Old Town heritage space. The qualitative analysis indicates that the top-down approach and limited economic development over time have left the younger generation of local residents lacking a sense of ownership and disparity with conservation objectives. The study recommends social re-engineering that will capture the ideologies of ‘Old Townism’ and create a beneficial sense of belonging.


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6 December, 2021
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Chondo, D., Njuguna, M., & Munala, G. (2021). ‘Old Townism’: A Generational Discord. East African Journal of Arts and Social Sciences, 4(1), 56-63. https://doi.org/10.37284/eajass.4.1.493