Towards an Authentic Nigeria Hymnody: The Study of Yoruba Hymnody

  • Marie Agatha Ozah, PhD University of Port Harcourt
  • David Bolaji, PhD University of Port Harcourt
Keywords: Hymnology, Tonal Inflexion, Composition, Yoruba
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The indigenous hymnology has experienced a lot of tonality distortion in Nigeria due to the direct translation of Western hymn tunes to the indigenous hymns. Different scholars have identified this act of perversion, but little or no documentation can be found on the method(s) that can be used in correcting this perverse act. The focus of this paper is on Yoruba hymnody. In this light, the paper examines and discuss the abnormality found in Yoruba indigenous hymns, through an analytical content of three selected indigenous Yoruba hymns and propounds methods and implementation strategies towards correcting the aforementioned act of perversion. Findings revealed that most of the indigenous hymns had been distorted in meaning due to the deformation of the indispensable Yoruba tone language. The paper discusses and draws out specific lessons that would serve as channels and even methods for consideration during composition, especially by Nigerian art composers. Tackling this challenge from a unanimous perspective, the effort will address the articulation and use of tonal inflexions in Yoruba Nigerian hymns.


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29 August, 2020
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