The Predicaments of the Rural Elderly People in Tanzania: Which Type of Support Do They Need Most? A case of Kasulu District in Kigoma Region, Tanzania

  • Innocent Fabiano Mpeta Institute of Rural Development Planning
  • Tiberio Romanus Mdendemi, PhD Institute of Rural Development Planning
  • Amani Joseph Mkelenga Institute of Rural Development Planning
  • Laura Philip Macha Institute of Rural Development Planning
Keywords: Predicaments, Older people, Support, Rural
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This study focused on examining the predicaments faced by older people residing in rural areas of Kasulu District in Kigoma region, Tanzania. A mixed-methods approach was employed, utilising a cross-sectional and phenomenological research design. The population of interest encompassed all older people residing in three wards and six villages within the district. The study used a sample size of 379 respondents selected through a simple random sampling technique, and three key informants were purposively selected. Data collection involved structured interviews with respondents, unstructured interviews with key informants, and the use of focus group discussions to gather qualitative information from older people. Quantitative data underwent descriptive analysis, while qualitative data underwent thematic analysis. The study revealed that older people faced various predicaments in their daily lives, including lack of or insufficient income, inadequate access to food and medicine, lack of necessary farming implements and inadequate support from their families. Additionally, older people received limited benefits from support mechanisms such as TASAF (Tanzania Social Action Fund) and free healthcare policy. Based on the findings, the study recommends that government and non-governmental organisations reconsider their approaches to supporting older people. The government should revise policies to address the current needs of supporting families in caring for older people, such as establishing pensions for all older people to enhance their income status


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9 June, 2023
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